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Why Box N Case?

At Box N Case you will find the widest Variety of Imported Candies & Gummies for your CBD Gummies manufacturing needs. We proudly supply to many of the Nations Largest Private Label CBD Gummy manufacturers. Our below Wholesale Prices and in-stock Inventory makes us One-stop place for many CBD Gummy Manufacturers for all their Candy Needs. 

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Low Minimums - Wide Variety - Big Savings


Vegan Gummies

Who said vegans can't have fun? Our vegan gummies are made with quality plant-based ingredients! Vegan CBD gummies come in a variety of fun shapes and flavors. Many are also organic and naturally flavored.


Sour Wedges 

It tastes like watermelon, but it’s not actually watermelon. But it doesn’t matter. You won’t know the difference. By the way, did we mention they’re sour? This mouth-puckering blast of flavor is perfect to take the edge off even the strongest-tasting cannabinoids.


Fruit Gummies

These zippy Fruity Flavor treats are the perfect pairing for any Premium Hemp Extract. Savor the sweet and tangy taste with these classic fresh fruit flavors. These crave-worthy gummies help you create your super-fruit on the go!

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Bulk Candy Benefit

  • Low Cost & Better Profitability
  • Low Mimimums
  • Favourite Flaours 
  • Always Instock Assurance
  • Private Label Capability
  • Wide Taste selection
  • Branded Products
  • Established & Certified by FDA
  • Trusted Choice

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Wholesale Vidal Gummy Pineapple Rings Bulk
Wholesale Vidal Gummy Pineapple Rings Bulk

Vidal Gummy Pineapple Rings

Wholesale Clever Candy Sour Gummy Bears Bulk
Wholesale Clever Candy Sour Gummy Bears Bulk

Müttenberg Candy Sour Gummy Bears

Wholesale Clever Candy Sour Prosecco Gummy Fun Bears Bulk
Wholesale Clever Candy Sour Prosecco Gummy Fun Bears Bulk

Müttenberg Candy Sour Prosecco Gummy Fun Bears


Müttenberg Candy Gummy Bears


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