Hitchers Florida Assortment #2 1.5 Oz Lollipop *Fl Dc Only* - 12ct Case

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  • Unicorn Pops with mini plush toys
  • 4 toys to choose from
  • Florida themed

Hitchers make colorful, sweet gifts that visitors to Florida will love to take home to friends and family members. Hitchers are Colorful Unicorn Pops with cute little pals along for the ride. With Hitchers Florida Set No. 2, Your customers can choose from a Pink Flamingo, Blue Seahorse, Green Alligator or Multi-colored Manta Ray, all clinging to Unicorn Pops and waiting to be taken on an adventure. Ships from our Florida DC only.

Kosher No
Region Florida
Vendor: Box N Case
Weight:  1.12 lb