Floralinda Orange Blossom Perfume Shell 0.13 Oz *Fl Dc Only* - 12ct Case

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  • High-quality floral perfume
  • Distinct scent of Florida orange blossoms
  • Packaged in a real seashell

The FloraLinda Orange Blossom Perfume Shell is made up of 2 distinct elements. The first is a 0.5-ounce bottle of luxury perfume, with the delightful scent of blooming orange blossoms native to the state of Florida. The second is a real seashell that cradles the bottle of perfume, making this a beautiful souvenir or Florida-themed gift. Add this unique product to your souvenir and gift inventory today. Ships from our Florida DC only.

Kosher No
Region Florida
Vendor: Box N Case
Weight:  0.1 lb